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Cotswold teak furniture:

The Cotswold is an area of England renowned for its beauty and stunning natural scenery. When enjoying the Cotswold's remarkable outdoors, why not also do so in comfort and luxury? Unique Cotswold teak garden furniture is the perfect way to transform any outdoor space or terrace into your very own oasis. Crafted of high quality, 100% teak wood combined with eye-catching designs, Cotswold garden furniture will add a touch of timeless elegance whilst providing superior comfort and functionality that will last for years to come. So be sure to enjoy all that Cotswolds has to offer while relaxing in luxurious Cotswolds teak garden furniture.

Cotswold teak Furniture, garden furniture
Quality Teak Furniture

Quality teak garden furniture

The Cotswold style of garden furniture is especially popular with homeowners who embrace the classic aesthetic. The curved lines on Cotswold furniture give an organic feel that's perfect for patio or courtyard areas. Constructing a Cotswold garden setup can create an inviting space to enjoy with family and friends, plus it looks great in almost any type of garden. Taking the time to shop around for Cotswold furniture will ensure you get the perfect pieces to match your preferences and needs.

Cotswold teak garden furniture sets

Cotswold teak garden furniture sets are the perfect way to spruce up any outdoor living area. The beautiful designs of these pieces make them an easy choice for anyone looking for a stylish garden furniture set. Built to last and crafted with superior quality materials, Cotswold teak garden furniture sets are sure to add style and function to any outdoor space. The materials used in these furniture sets resist fading from the sun's powerful rays, ensuring these pieces will look great for years to come. Plus, the natural look of teak wood adds an attractive texture to any yard, making it an even better choice for adding some extra charm to your patio or terrace. Whether relaxing solo or entertaining friends and family on warm summer days, Cotswold teak garden furniture sets have everything you need to create a luxurious and inviting outdoor living area.

Cotswold teak garden furniture sets


Will my teak furniture weather to a different color?

Yes if your furniture is left untreated ,outside and not oiled,your furniture will eventually weather to a silver grey color. This process is usually completed in roughly 12 months but you will start to notice the difference in the first 3 months. If your furniture is exposed to a lot of sunlight this will accelerate the process

Can I keep my original “golden” color of my teak furniture?

Yes you can retain the original golden color by applying teak or danish oil to your furniture to coat it and stop the weathering process. This will need to be done within the first 1-2 weeks of placing your furniture outside as you would not want it to start weathering as you would be applying oil to an already weathered product.

Does my Teak furniture come with a Guarantee?

Yes all products come with a years “structural” Guarantee covering anything structural and not accidental damage.

I have a split in my teak furniture, is this anything to worry about?

Your teak furniture may develop small cracks/splits as it begins the weathering process and is exposed to its new environment. They call this “checking” . This is nothing to worry about and and is natural with all wood products. The wood is releasing and drawing moisture and will not affect the longevity of your furniture. This is purely a natural characteristic of teak and is completely normal. Over time these usually sort themselves out but if this is bothering you,all you need to do is apply a small amount of wood adhesive on the crack/split and lightly sand down so it fills this in.

Is teak furniture a good investment?

The most notable reason for investing in teak is its highly lucrative potential. Teak is a highly desirable wood used for making exotic products such as boat decking for yachts and other boats and high-end outdoor furniture. 

Is Teakwood good wood?

Teak is a durable hardwood that makes it an ideal material for outdoor furniture. Initially used for shipbuilding from the middle age this product remains today used in the production of ships, yachts and outdoor furniture. Improved forestry management as well as a growing appreciation for teak's unique properties, have resulted in a resurgence of teak wood.

Do I need to maintain my teak furniture with oil?

Oiling your teak furniture is optional and is purely for cosmetic purposes and will not extend the life of your furniture. By using either Teak or Danish oil (Make sure you purchase some good quality oil) once every year to two years, you can maintain the original golden colour of your Teak furniture. (This can be supplied from your local hardware store)

How do I clean my Teak furniture?

If your furniture is starting to show signs of dirt, grime or is starting to look slightly green and mossy or faintly black, then it is time to give your teak furniture a clean. Start by mixing a small amount of bleach and washing up liquid with some hot water. Gently hose your furniture down (or just the affected area). Scrub your furniture down with either a cloth or sponge using the mixture of hot water, bleach and washing up liquid. Finally hose down and leave to dry. This process is recommended to be done on a dry sunny day.

Cotswold Teak Garden Table and Chairs

In Conclusion

Teak garden furniture is an ideal choice for outdoor living, bringing not only beauty and style but also durability and longevity. If you're looking for furniture that can withstand the cotwolds's ever-changing weather, then teak might just be what you need. This hardwood has a natural resistance to insect infestation, decay, and harsh UV rays, so it won't easily fade or warp over time - perfect for equipping your Cotswold garden with stunning pieces that will retain their beauty for years to come! Plus, teak furniture takes minimal maintenance so you won't have to worry about keeping it looking new. With the great selection of choices available, you can find garden furniture made from teak in any style imaginable suitable for every Cotswold home.

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