Bramblecrest Teak Curved Back Bench (3 Seater)

Bramblecrest Teak Curved Back Bench (3 Seater)

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1 x Curved Back Bench (3 Seater)


Product Information:

With its slightly curved back,our curved back bench is not only comfortable, but stylish. With its flat paddle arms to rest your drink,the curved back is practical as well. 160cm wide seats 2-3.



All A-Grade Teak.
Classic Design.
Comes ready assembled.
No screws or bolts that will eventually rust away.
Dowelled together for a guaranteed solid bench.
Professionally made.


All Benches Structaully Guaranteed For 3 Years

  • Care and treatment

    Our teak furniture range needs little to no maintenance after product has been assembled. 

    Good quality A-Grade Teak doesn't require any additional oiling or varnishing once furniture is in your garden. Oil is for cosmetic purposes only and will not extend the life of your furniture. If you do apply oil, your furniture will keep its original golden colour. We recommend every 1-2 years applying oil, but depends on what oil you buy (Read individual oil brand instructions for more detailed information) We recommend either teak or Danish oil.

    If you decide against oiling, your furniture will weather to a silver grey colour. Your furniture will take roughly 12 months to fully weather. (Subject to different weather conditions)

    Furniture will need regular cleaning once to twice a year depending on how dirty it gets. All you need is some soapy bleachy water, a warm cloth and a hose pipe. 

    Teak has high oil content which is what makes it durable to all the different weather conditions, and perfect for being left out all year round. 

  • Additional Product Information

    Furniture all tone and mortise together as well as glue and dowels used for a top quality piece of furniture. All teak has a finely sanded finish. Bench is fully assembled, no assembly needed. 

£605.00 Regular Price
£435.00Sale Price